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Can't Say IT?
Can't get the interview?
Can't get your resume into the hands of your ideal company?
Can't produce a job-winning resume?
Don't know what's wrong with your resume?

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What's Wrong With Your Resume?

R - Is your resume package relevant?

E - Have your resume established professional terms, norms, credentials and strategies?

S - Has your resume satisfied the ATS, HR, hiring manager or search committee in the first 1/3rd of the document?

U - Are your unique selling points evident on your resume?

M - Media, social media that is. Do you have urls reflecting your social significance?

E - Is your elevator speech consistent with your documented skills on your resume?

Let Me Write It For You: Job-Winning Resumes and Business Services serves motivated job-seekers and career changers at all career levels and industries. Let ME Write It For You also helps small business with their business communications.

What’s Wrong with Your Small Business?

¿Lo que está mal con su negocio?
Quel est le problème avec votre petite entreprise ?
Was ist falsch mit Ihrem Kleinunternehmen?
ما هو الخطأ في الأعمال التجارية الصغيرة الخاصة بك

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